Verican CBD Fullspectrum Oil - Made in Germany.

The VERICAN CBD oil is a full-spectrum MCT-based oil that is particularly accessible to the human organism and has a positive effect on the body.

The female plants used for the extraction come from Switzerland, are organically grown and are free of any pesticides and herbicides.

Due to the special extraction process (decarboxylation), highly concentrated, all-natural CBD is obtained, which contains the full range of plant substances. Through this gentle process several effective substances from cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes) are used which mutually reinforce positively.

This active principle is also known as the "encourage effect", meaning that the ideal blend of all ingredients with the amino acids of the body, the full-spectrum oil has great potential to help people.

Ingredients MCT oil, cannabidiol, terpene, natural phytocannabinoids

Verican CBD Fullspectrum Oil

Verican CBD Fullspectrum Oil

starting from 24,90 € *
249,00 € per 100 ml
Verican CBD Fullspectrum Oil

Verican CBD Fullspectrum Oil

129,90 € *
433,00 € per 100 ml
Verican Night CBD Vollspektrum Aroma Öl

Verican "Night" CBD Vollspektrum Aroma Öl

starting from 44,90 € *
449,00 € per 100 ml